Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Utopia Group Fitness Project: Recruits Needed!

I'm excited to announce I'm finally getting my group fitness class off the ground! As of right now, I need volunteers that will join the class for a few weeks to help me assess the program and work out the kinks before I accept paying participants.

The details of the class, like content, philosophy, etc., can be found on the Utopia Group Fitness page above in the menu bar. The pertinent stuff:

  • Class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am until approximately 10am.
  • The initial classes will meet at Kennedy Park in El Cajon (1675 East Madison Ave, 92019.)
  • We will set up the initial meeting once we have five interested parties.
  • Class is outdoors, so dress appropriately.
  • Participants should bring a yoga mat or large towel unless you're comfortable working out on grass.
  • The class will be free with no obligation through the month of June.

So... if anyone lives in or around the East County area of San Diego, contact me at robillardj "at" gmail "dot" com or via Facebook.

If you know of anyone in the area that may be interested, or know of an organization that may have interested members, send them this link!