Six Month Plan: Vegas, New Books, MMA, and That Elusive Video Podcast

Since finishing Grindstone in 2012, I've kept a fairly low profile. Shelly and I needed to back away from the running scene and get some much-needed R&R after years of heavy immersion in the barefoot and ultrarunning world. I haven't been a total slacker, but I haven't been doing much to change the world. That's about to change. Here are my plans for the next six months or so:
  • The first of my two new books will be released soon. The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running and Ultramarathons (Skyhorse, 2014) will be released in November. This book is essentially an expanded, refined, and tamed-down version of Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel
  • The second book, the self-published sex and relationship book tentatively titled No-Bone Zone: The Ins and Outs of Curing Sexual Boredom, will be released sometime in early November. I'm really excited about this title because it will help a lot of people that are seemingly stuck in a relationship where the flames of passion have died. The book covers a lot of controversial topics, so publishing it is a little scary. I set up a Facebook page to track the release and facilitate discussions after publication. Like it.

  • I've caught the MMA bug. I went through my third MMA training camp at our gym, San Diego Fight Club and managed to avoid injury (the first two camps resulted in a displaced rib and pinched nerve in my neck.) We had a few fighters back out, so I was given the opportunity to fight. I won the fight (see video here, send me a friend request if necessary), though my opponent had already fought earlier in the night and wasn't much of a challenge. It motivated me to fight again, which will probably happen in the next three or four months.

  • In a related note- if anyone is looking for an opportunity to place an ad on an MMA fighter's ass, I could use some sponsors. If you or someone you know is interested, shoot me an email at robillardj "at" gmail "dot" com.
  • Shelly and I are going to Vegas sometime around Christmas. No kids = lots of debauchery. :-D
  • At some point over the next few months, I want to get my video podcast up and running. I couldn't quite decide on a topic. Much like this blog, I don't plan on branding it in a specific way. Instead, I'll probably just talk about whatever happens to be amusing me at the time.
These are just a few of my plans for the immediate future. Any other suggestions for interesting adventures?



  1. You are going to have so much fun in the upcoming 6 months.I really wish to join you in all that fun so that I could also live these moments with you.


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